Remember why I started this blog?  To journal, to document, to capture these times that fly by so fast when the kids are so little!!!  Why did I stop?!?!?! I just spent the last half hour looking at a friends blog who hasn't quit blogging (one of the few) and it made me so sad that I had stopped.  Last week being so sick and this week still a couple kids being sick we have had to majorly slow down and I have loved it so much.  I had a sad day a couple weeks ago when I went to bed so grumpy and I thought about my day and realized that I had done nothing but nag and yell the whole day.  I had stopped being the fun playful mom.  I hated that.  So I decided I would change it.  I decided that we would do more of the fun little stuff that we used to do.  Go to parks, ride bikes in the street all day, play with play-dough, read outside, picnics, go to calm ... all of the stuff that memories are made of.  It has been so refreshing.  I really really really love being a mom.  I love these guys more than anything.  I want to be who I NEED to be for them!  I want to be actively involved in their lives and teach them all the things they need to know to be successful in life!  They are so big and growing so fast.  I am trying to slow things down around here ... wish me luck!


Connie de said...

Good luck. Sometimes it's easy sometimes it's not.

Rowdy Family said...

Go you.