During tax season I find myself itching to do projects to pass the time.  This weekend my twins came over and we decided to build a swing.  (seriously I need a swing … Cody always wants to be outside and I would love to sit and swing!) So here is the inspiration photo …


And here is what we came up with.  Yes her swing looks so romantic in front of the barn but this is all we have.  We are still planning on painting and adding cushions. 


It has a really good glide and is surprisingly very comfortable.  We have spent a lot of time on it already!



Remember why I started this blog?  To journal, to document, to capture these times that fly by so fast when the kids are so little!!!  Why did I stop?!?!?! I just spent the last half hour looking at a friends blog who hasn't quit blogging (one of the few) and it made me so sad that I had stopped.  Last week being so sick and this week still a couple kids being sick we have had to majorly slow down and I have loved it so much.  I had a sad day a couple weeks ago when I went to bed so grumpy and I thought about my day and realized that I had done nothing but nag and yell the whole day.  I had stopped being the fun playful mom.  I hated that.  So I decided I would change it.  I decided that we would do more of the fun little stuff that we used to do.  Go to parks, ride bikes in the street all day, play with play-dough, read outside, picnics, go to calm ... all of the stuff that memories are made of.  It has been so refreshing.  I really really really love being a mom.  I love these guys more than anything.  I want to be who I NEED to be for them!  I want to be actively involved in their lives and teach them all the things they need to know to be successful in life!  They are so big and growing so fast.  I am trying to slow things down around here ... wish me luck!


Smiling but so sick

Cody tested positive for the flu yesterday. Although he is smiling he is not a happy boy. Very very high fevers and keeps complaining of hard ache. Poor boy. I hate when my kids are sick like this ....


It's Christmas Eve!!!

Yep I opened my Christmas jammers and cute socks!!!!!


Our first orange

I was going to take a picture of our first orange but I announced right after I cut it for the girls to come in and taste our first orange and by the time I got the camera out this is what was left. And they are gone. Loved it. It's so fun eating something that you grew!!!


Anyone want a old door project???


old doorphoto(10)

We recently listed 4 pairs of accordion style closet doors on craigslist and then 2 minutes later saw this project on pinterest.  Pinterest tells you to actually cut a door in half but these would be half the work because they are already cut and hinged.  I have them listed for 25 each.  Anyone want one???  They are brand new and primed ready for paint!  All you have to do is paint and add a cool door handle and shelves!


Student of the week

She didn't even tell us! The principle did after she figured out we didn't know.


This just in from the babysitter

She runs a tight ship I tell you! Cody dusting and Andee vacuuming. Wow!


Happy Thanksgiving

I can't believe it is already Thanksgiving! As always I am so grateful for a day to reflect on all of my blessings. We have had a crazy busy year but we are so blessed. Blessed with a great job, great ward, great family and friends. Lots of work to keep us busy. Life is good!!!!

And this is how she eats it ...

Gracie's 1st pumpkin pie

Gracie's favorite holiday is thanksgiving because that is when we eat pumpkin pie! This year she went over to grandmas house to help make one. This one she made all on her own. She was so happy but was so tired of waiting to eat it!!!!!!


There never was a happier boy!

This little guy is obsessed with horses and cowboys! We finally got the package in the mail that we ordered months ago. He is so stinkin happy!

Oh yeah baby ... The season is here!


Run in the mud …

Call us crazy.  We signed up for the Volkslauf.  It’s a 5k mud run that the marines put on that benefits toys for tots.  There were 1900 runners.  We didn’t know what to expect and didn’t really train for it but just decided to give it a try … see what all the fuss was about.  It was basically a lot of mud and obstacles.  ;)


This was the course map …. you basically run almost 5k around these obstacles and then go into the mud.  That snake looking thing is a ditch/canal that is filled with different depths of water/mudd.  At one point I had mud up to my neck.  Fun right?

volkslauf map

Before pictures … we ended up running into friends.


After …


It really was so fun.  We found out Sunday night that I actually got 17th out of 130 for my sex/age group.  Honestly it shocked us because we weren’t really trying to push it.  We had never done it before and were just going for it.  Next year I think we will try a little harder and see what we can do. ;) So much fun!!!


Gracie’s baptism day!

What a beautiful perfect day.


Gracie program pg 1Gracie program

It seriously couldn’t have been a more perfect day.  (I am sure every mother feels that way!)  I was all tears.  The spirit was so strong.  The talks were so good.  The cousins sang so beautifully and all the kids were so good.  I was so excited that Gracie chose to be baptized.  At first she wasn’t sure if she was going to pick her Dad or her Papa to baptize her but she ended up choosing her father.  It was such an amazing thing to watch and be a part of.   I know with all of my heart that this church is true.  I know with all of my heart that families can be together forever.  I know that this was the first step in reaching that eternal goal.  I am so grateful for Neil and his respect and honor for his Priesthood.  So grateful for all the people that came out to support Gracie and her special day.  Thanks for all the help.  Thanks for all the love!


Gracie is getting baptized!

Gracie baptism announcment jpeg

Paper announcements will be coming in the mail but this is for you too!


We are still alive …

Yes I realize that we have had 3 birthdays, mothers day, fathers day, our 9 year anniversary, lots of trip, lots of home improvement projects, several camping trips, 3 kids firsts days of school and I haven’t posted one thing.  I know. I know.  Utter failure.  I am trying though.  I am emptying my phone and camera and organizing them into months and those months will have several posts.  I will keep up this little family journal of mine.  Hold me to it.


Its going to be an overload…


Biggest Boy


All in just a matter of weeks our baby boy has:

  • moved out of crib into big bed
  • no more bottle or sippy cup
  • potty trained

I guess he is not much of a baby anymore huh?  It is fun to see him grow up and learn and stuff but WHY does it happen so fast?  He really is the biggest kick.  All boy!  Dirt, bugs, noise, balls … everything they say boys are.  We love this kid so much!


A new slipnslide!

Nothing better then a new slide!!!!!
Thanks aunt Peggy! The kids are actually all in the sharks mouth!!!!!


More purple ...

Purple ...

The berry bush is the reason for so many PURPLE fingers and faces!


Icecream always makes the pain go away

4 shots at the Dr! She was trying to be so brave but they hurt so bad. The tears were quickly dried with a promise of some icecream though. :)


Happy Birthday Andee Amazing


Last year in preschool Andee’s teacher must have told her she was amazing a lot because she came home always telling us just how amazing everything she did was.  It has just stuck with her because anytime she does anything she expects you to tell her how amazing she is.  And we do.  She is pretty amazing.  I think I should rename her to Andee Amazing Sue …

FOUR amazing things about this girl:

1.  We always say that her personality matches her hair.  Its true … its spunky, totally different then the other girls, crazy sometimes, but really mostly just beautiful and so much fun!

2.  Andee Amazing is super smart.  She is a thinker and can figure almost anything out (which sometimes gets her in trouble!) and is a really good artist! (As well as very tech savvy!)

3.  She is funny!  Like really funny.  She cracks herself up and us as well.

4.  She is the best little helper.  Like totally amazing.  She has some crazy energy so when we point it in the right direction its impressive what she can accomplish!